about wylde soap company

kim peterson

founder and soapmaker

Hi there! I'm Kim, the mad scientist behind wylde soap company! I've been making handcrafted cold process soap since 2017. It all started when we moved to a ranch east of Denver and it became a really long drive for me to drive to my then favorite handmade soap shop. I decided to try to make my own and the rest is history - here we are (now in Oklahoma instead of Colorado) and I'm still making soap in small batches and experimenting!

At wylde soap company, we do things a little "wylde" here. What does that mean? Well, the word "wylde" means of wild or undisciplined character. And that perfectly describes me, our life, and the products I strive to create for our family and you!

I'm a research, analysis, and always learning something new junkie. I love learning and experimenting with new natural ingredients I can use in soaps for their beneficial nature or just cause it is cool to me - like infusing annatto seeds or alkanet root in sunflower oil and adding clays to enhance the color and add extra cleansing to our soap bars. Bonus points for being cool and beneficial!

I also like to do things a little undisciplined - cause life is just that way sometimes! Natural coloring can give different shades each time it is used - it can be the difference between the amount and how much of a colorant was infused in oil and for how long.  I also don't worry about "cleaning up" and beveling my soaps - they are handmade and aren't supposed to look like they came off of a factory line. So your soap will always be the same great skin nourishing bar of soap you can depend on, but it might look just slightly different from batch to batch.

I also like to have fun and love all the colorful things! As a bonus, I'm now getting back to exploring soap designs like I used to when I first started making soap. I'll always have our "everyday" line with top favorites available, but can't wait to share the latest design technique I've been playing around with in our "wylde" line of limited release soaps!

In keeping with exploring nature, I've become more in tune with the natural world around us. I attribute that to a combination of getting older and wiser ;-) and moving to an incredibly lush and biodiverse property in Oklahoma last year and just my inquisitive nature that has lead me down this latest path in life. I've transitioned to minimal packaging where possible - like using simple paper stickers on our bar soaps and nothing else. They look a little rustic and wylde, but then again, that's the whole point! Still looking for a good solution for bringing back our liquid soap in sustainable packaging - so hit me up if you have any suggestions! I've also taken up gardening, wildcrafting, and herbalism, so can't wait to see how all of that winds its way through the future of our company.

Another thing about me - I mentioned earlier I am a always learning something new junkie and that extends to sharing knowledge as well too! Here at wylde soap company, I'll be sharing knowledge I've learned about natural colors in soap, making cold process soap, cool design processes, and whatever else strikes my fancy. So be sure to check out the blog from time to time to see what's new!

Anyhow - that's me and our little corner of the world. Feel free to jump on over to our Facebook or Instagram pages to share a little about you on our posts!